What Kind of Implant Would Produce This Shape? (photo)

I'm curious if a certain implant can give a patient a certain shape? Is it possible for a surgeon to make a patient look like another patient based on photos if the two has similar height and weight? Also, do you know how many cc's this patient has? I like the uppe pole of the breasts. Thanks!

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Breast Shape results from several factors

The final breast shape is determined by several factors including your current breast shape and soft tissue, the size implant your choose, and the profile of the implants.  This looks to be a full shape so you may need to choose an adequate size to achieve that much fullness.

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#BreastAugmentation and Shape Control

It is impossible to give you more information about your options without a photo of you to address. In short, it is often impossible to get you the results of someone else's breasts. You need to look at getting your version of a photo - assuming the surgeon feels that this is possible. Communication is the key to success. 

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Vincent P. Marin, MD
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Breast implant size

Hard to tell from just one angle what the implant volume is but a rounder look is more likely to be a high profile implant. We also do not know how big her breasts were before surgery. The short answer is you can modify the shape to a particular look depending on the shape and volume of implant! Good luck.

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Shape is not the implant alone

Very few of us could look a photo and guess the implant size, profile, or shape. We know that given a particular breast certain implants will lead to one result or another and use our experience to judge where to start in the sizing process. Put another way, the same implant used on two different individuals will give two different results. If you like the photo be sure to have your surgeon take a look.

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Thanks for the photo.  The final breast shape is dependent on 2 factors, your breast shape starting out and the implant profile.  Without a photo of your breast shape and volume, I cannot provide an answer to your question.  It is also difficult to say what size and style implant is in the photo provided.

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The right implant

Unfortunately, you have provided a photo in partial profile view as an example of your ideal but no preop photos of yourself. We plan procedures based on the patients' individualized needs and starting point so without additional information, it would be impossible to comment further. Best of luck. Dr K

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