What Kind of Fat is Gained Through Weight Gain?

While gaining weight for a BBL, (30lbs) how do I know if the gained fat will be abdominal or subcutaneous?? From what I understand only subcutaneous fat can be removed through lipo & transfered, whilst the other one can't. I'm gaining 30 lbs in 12 months & keeping a stable weight 7 months prior to surgery so the fat has better chances of survival when grafted. Should I even bother?

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Subcutaneous Fat vs Visceral Fat During Weight Gain Prior to Brazilian Buttlift

     This is a very good question, and the truth is that this cannot be reliably predicted.  However, in general, the subcutaneous fat stores are usually far greater than the visceral fat stores.  I would find a plastic surgeon who does a lot of Brazilian buttlifts (and I mean a lot) and determine if you really need to gain all of the weight.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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