What Kind of Eye Surgery Would I Need and Around How Much Would It Cost? (photo)

A few years ago an uncertified surgeon performed a double eyelid crease on me and the crease won't stay put! It is something that I have to deal with on a day to day basis and I just want a permanent eyelid crease. I also have slightly downturned eyes and I was wondering what would need to be done to make my upper and lower eyelids more upturned. I would also like a rough estimate of how much these procedures would cost me?

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Supratarsal crease asymmetry

There is about 2 mm of asymmetry of the height of the supratarsal crease.  It is possible that this can be corrected but an examination would be needed to tell for sure. 

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What kind of eye surgery would I need?

It would be hard to tell exactly based on this picture so this opinioin is not definitive. However, it appears you have some assymmetry in your upper lateral folds and also some lower eyelid retraction on the right. If you did not have lower eyelids surgery at the same time them thi is just the way your lower eyelids are with some scleral show and assymetry. If you did have lower lid surgery at the same time then this is likely from the surgery. You also did not give your age but you look failry young and you do have attractive yes. I would not get too complicated here but would most likely just repair the crease and make it more symmetrical and then possibly a lateral lower eyelid lift to take care of the lower lids asymmetry.  Cost varies among surgeons. . Plastic surgery is like everything else in that you tend to get what you pay for so beware the bargain basement surgeon. I would estimate , depending on the degree of complexity based on a physical exam, that it would be between. 3500 to 8,000 all inclusive. However, keep in mind that is an estimation based on a limited view on a photo.  

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Creating an eyelid crease

Creating a well-defined line in the upper eyelid (known as the eyelid crease) is one of the most commonly performed cosmetic surgeries worldwide.  There are numerous different techniques that can be used depending on the needs of a patient.  In the setting of previous eyelid surgery there will be some scar tissue present that may or may not affect the outcome of subsequent attempts at surgical correction.  The shape of the eye can be adjusted by changing the position/contour of the outside corner known as the lateral canthus.  Again, there are several approaches from which to choose, depending on a number of patient specific factors.  Without examining someone it is impossible to make a recommended surgical plan.

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