What Kind of Drops Should Be Used for Dry Eyes After Lasik?

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Dry Eye After Laser Vision Correction and Cataract Surgery

It is not uncommon to have some transient dryness of the operated eye(s) after PRK, LASIK and cataract surgery. Although each procedure varies somewhat in terms of what is exactly done to the eye, it stands to reason that the nerves of the eye will become temporarily hyperactive after surgery. In my Baltimore, Maryland office, we will provide you with several bottles of very good, unpreserved artificial tear drops, which should be more than enough to get you through the first week of recovery. Typically, by the time we see you for the next post op visit, the symptoms of dryness are gone. It should also make sense that we see a little more trouble with dryness in the winter months, because the air is naturally drier and the heat is on. Dryness related to either corneal surgery or cataracts is temporary and, frankly, more of a nuisance for the patient than a clinical worry.

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Drops after LASIK or LASEK

you need:

  1. a high-quality preservative-free artificial tear every hour afterwards to promote healing
  2. steroid drops to prevent inflammation and scarring
  3. antibiotic drops to prevent infection
  4. Restasis to promote tear production (also to speed healing)

for LASEK, it's the same, but you need to be on these things longer. the good part is your vision will continue to improve longer than with LASIK. this means your final vision should actually be better after LASEK than after LASIK (but it might take you longer to get there)

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