What type of doctor should I see to get a 2nd opinion on these burns from power assisted lipo? (Photo)

I had power assisted lipo and suffered burns. I had 5 days of hyperbaric oxygen treatment plus Silverdene 2x per day. Am currently treating it with Silverdene & Santyl. I want a 2nd opinion on the wound and any advice professionals can provide because it will simply make me feel better. I cry a lot out of uncertainty & just want to feel more confident that I am healing. The left is a few days post op, the right is 14 days post op. surgeon did some "cleaning" about 7 or 8 days post op.

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Liposuction Burns

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If I were treating you, I would allow your wounds to heal and then perform an abdominoplasty to remove as much of the scarring as possible. It may take a few procedures but is possible. Find a board certified plastic surgeon to help you through this. If you were treated by a bcps originally I'm sure they will continue to treat you. If it was by a foreign cosmetic surgeon or a local cosmetic surgeon you may have to pay for appropriate care. I hope you have a quick recovery!!

Dr Shifrin

Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Whom to see for burns after liposuction

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I am so very sorry for this distressing complication.
This is an unusual complication for a PAL liposuction.
If you were not treated by a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, I suggest you see one.
If your surgeon was done by a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, I suggest you see a different one - and look for one whose office can be supportive. This is hard for you to go through.

This will take quite a long time to heal - but you will heal and then further treatment can be consider to improve the appearance. Best wishes.

Burns after liposuction occur when assisted by laser or ultrasound.

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Power assisted liposuction does not cause burns. Laser or ultrasonic liposuction has this possibility. I would suggest you visit a board certified plastic surgeon for management of the wounds as well as management of the aesthetic outcome.

Abdominal Burn Wound Healing

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Your burn wounds look as one would expect at this time after their origin. The healing of burns is very unique and is a much more protracted course than any other type of wound. By description you are doing all the right treatments and there are no additional treatments that will expedite the healing process. Time is the key and total healing is a process that will likely take a few months for completion. It is hard to tell as to the depth of the underlying fat necrosis and that is the one variable in the healing process that could make it longer rather then shorter. Certainly seeking another opinion does not hurt.

See A Plastic Surgeon

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You should seek out a board certified plastic surgeon to help you with your wounds and recovery.
Your health insurance may help for treatment of these wounds, as the treatment now is reconstructive in nature.
Good luck.

Burns after liposuction

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A board certified plastic surgeon will be able to give you good advice.  From what you have said your treatment has been appropriate so if you are seeing a board certified plastic surgeon then stick with him/her - if not you may wish to see a plastic surgeon as one may be able to offer you treatments beyond the scope of a non-plastic surgeon.

Michael B. Tantillo, MD
Boston Plastic Surgeon


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If you are looking for a second opinion I would recommend seeing another Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.  You can do this to get more information or just to make yourself feel better- uncertainty is never comfortable and a second opinion is often helpful if only to confirm that you are getting the proper care.
Good luck!

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