Could I cause damage by picking my nose with tweezers three weeks after rhino-septoplasty?

Hi,I'm 4 weeks after rhino-septoplasty and a week ago I picked my nose with a tweezer and now i can't breathe very well with my right nasal :( ..i look inside the nostrils with a light and I can see the diference between my left and right nasal..the right one looks like it is swollen ( I don't know,like a turbinate's swollen) .I'm alarmed i caused damage.I met my surgeon yesterday,he said that I'm ok and that it is still normal to have internal swelling.Should I be avare? thank you.

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Cleaning the nose

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I usually allow patients to gently clean their nose after the splint is removed( after one week), and only after they shower. I recommend using a q-tip gently with a saline peroxide mixture after about 3 weeks, they can gently blow their nose.  Best to ask your surgeon.

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