What kind of complications should I expect from having my chin implant removed?

The implant is a large silicon with wings. I've had it in for 5 days. It seems to have healed quickly so far, but I hate the way it looks. Plus, I have a missing tooth that has been aching ever since I got the procedure. I would like it out asap, and I don't want to replace it with another one, period. I'm worried that my face will be deformed afterwards. I just want an idea of what to expect it to look like. I don't know if this makes a difference, but I'm 28, very fit and healthy. Thank you.

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What kind of complications should I expect from having my chin implant removed?

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Most likely, you will not have any issues if you decide to remove the implant.  At 5 days, you still have swelling and that will go down, so the implant won't look as large.  Without seeing photos of you, it is hard to say whether or not the large was the perfect size implant.  None the less, if you remove the silicone implant, at 28, you will most likely have no issues other than an incision under the chin to remove it.

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Immediate Chin Implant Removal

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It is extremely common that many young men after large chin augmentation feel that it is too big and distorted in the first few weeks after surgery. Some, like you, even want it removed immediately. While that is a decision between you and your surgeon, I would advise you to be patient and give the swelling time to adequately go down and the tissues to relax so you can really get a view of the actual result...not the distorted chin you are now seeing. The impact of the tissue stretching and what will happen when the implant is removed will not be different if you remove it now or in six weeks after surgery.

Don't need to be worried

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It is not uncommon for people to not like the way a chin implant looks.  It can cause a pretty drastic change in facial proportions.  The dental pain would likely resolve with time. The nice thing about silicone implants is that they are very easy to remove.

If you are quite confident you want it out, do it sooner rather than later.  Over time, a capsule will form around the implant and once that happens, the risks of collecting fluid within that capsule increase.  Even if you waited, you should not look "deformed" after removal, it just may take longer for your face to go completely back to baseline.

If it was placed through a skin incision under the chin (my preference) then it can be removed in clinic through that same incision with minimal discomfort. If placed through the mouth, it can probably still be removed in clinic though I am less familiar with that technique.  Best of luck. 

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