What Kind of Cheek Implants Do I Need?

I would like to get cheek implants. But there are so many styles! I want my cheeks look like the photos below. I'm not sure, if the women have implants, but if I want to look the same, do I have to choose malar or submalar implants? Thank you for your answers.

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Types of Cheek Implants

It is impossible to answer your question based on your picture which shows a small portion of your face when you are smiling. Please send another photo of your entire face without animation. A malar or a malar/submalar implant is usually placed depending on each patient's needs.

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Coice of cheek implants

Most likely you would need a malar shell or combined malar/submalar implants to get the look you presented. I would assume you have relatively flat cheekbones. The submalar implant works on the lower part of the cheek prominence for those cases where the cheeks might look sunken. If you were to send a picture of yourself taken from the same perspective as the one shown , I could be more specific.

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