What Kind of Change Can I Expect with Rhinoplasty Along with Chin Augmentation or Jaw Surgery? (photo)

I am unhappy with my profile and the tip of my nose. I am planning to get rhinoplasty combined with either jaw surgery or (hopefully) chin augmentation, and possibly lipo along my jawline to fix my jowls. I used a modeling software on Dr. Porteuse's website to explore possible changes. Are these modeled changes realistic?

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What kind of change can I expect with chin and nose surgery

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You've done a good job imaging and illustrating how work on the chin/jaw can enhance a rhinoplasty. I can't say for sure without examining you but I think the morphed nose is a realistic expectation. The chin is realistic but I am concerned that your cervicomental angle (where the area under the chin meets the neck) may be to good to be true. This may be a little exaggerated but it will still look good.

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Rhinoplasty and Chin Augmentation

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Good job with the imaging. I like the profile nose and chin. I don't think you're a candidate for a jowl lipo or jaw augmentation. The jaw augmentation would make you look more masculine and the jowl lipo is not indicated and can cause more harm than good.

Communication is key

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A face-to-face consult is so very important to achieving results you are happy with. Don't rely on a phone or internet consultation. You need to express your goals with your surgeon and hopefully will be able to do computer imaging together in the office. Your goals seem reachable, but I would suggest a bit less chin and a bit more nose for a more natural look. A candid conversation with your surgeon will help you understand realistic goals and help your surgeon understand your desires. Good luck!

J. Charles Finn, MD
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Rhinoplasty with Chin Enhancement and liposuction

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These 3 procedures are commonly combined in order to achieve an improved balance of the facial profile. Your "virtual surgery" demonstrates a good enhancement. Only an examination during your consultation will allow the facial cosmetic surgeon to determine how realistic this result truly is.

Frank P. Fechner, MD
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Accuracy of Computer Imaging In Rhinoplasty and Chin Augmentation

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The role of computer imaging before facial surgery is to see if the general direction of the changes are what the patient is looking for. They should not be interpreted as an absolute outcome that will occur if the surgery was done. In your case the imaging has served its purpose. It shows that thinning of your nose and bringing your chin forward is a helpful combination for facial improvement. Both rhinoplasty and chin augmentation will achieve changes that create a similar effect. Whether it will be as dramatic as what you have shown is a matter of debate and no one can say for sure whether it is or is not possible. But I think it is a reasonable approximation fo what actual surgery can do.

What Kind of Change Can I Expect with Rhinoplasty Along with Chin Augmentation or Jaw Surgery?

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Not really.  I have performed Rhinoplasty and Chin Augmentation for over 20 years and all computer imaging software modifies tissues in a manner not achievable during surgery.  Your nose can be thinned and the chin augmented but you should see real examples of similar noses made smaller to have a real sense of what's possible.  Liposuction would not reduce the jowls in the manner displayed by the software, IMHO.

Rhinoplasty combined with Chin Implant surgery can greatly improve your profile

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Nice work with the modeling software.  As you have illustrated on your photo, your profile looks really nice with better chin projection and a lower nasal dorsum.  The nice thing about your computer generated after images is that it still looks like your face, but improved, as if you were wearing really great makeup.  These should be the goals of cosmetic surgery or non-surgical treatments.

Of course the challenge now is to make this goal come true.  The chin implant surgery is very straight-forward and highly predictable.  The rhinoplasty portion is more challenging and you should look for someone who performs a lot of rhinoplasty surgery.

Good luck in your search for information!

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