What Kind of Braces for Crossbite?

I need your advice if what kind of braces for my crossbite, it's noticeable my mouth is assymetrical since when I was born hehe :P But I want to have confidence to have perfect teeth, my right gum is very thin and no 3 pc, of tooth it's pull out when i was 10 yrs old. My left face is bigger than my right, Is that possible that orthodontist can help me to have thick gum in my right side?, my left is thick already. How much for braces? I'm female, 21 yrs old,I have sponsor for money :)

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Crossbite correction

Orthodontist can correct crossbite by using appliances such as rapid palatal expander (RPE) and/or braces. In some cases, where the patients underlying skeletal deformity is excessive, orthodontics alone cannot correct the problem. In such case, orthodontist would have to work in conjunction with oral surgeons (or oral & maxillofacial surgeons) or plastic surgeons in order to correct the underlying skeletal problem. 

Dental asymmetry/crossbite problem can be solved by orthodontics alone.

Skeletal asymmetry/crossbite and dental asymmetry/crossbite needs both orthognathic management (i.e. orthodontic and surgery)

From what you are describing, it sounds like the asymmetry is quite noticeable to you at least. I would highly recommend a consultation appointment with your neighborhood orthodontist. Best of luck.

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