Is there a surgery to demobilize my nose when I smile?

I've been looking into 'gummy smile' surgery but am not sure if there is something better than that. My smile is very asymmetrical and my nose looks much bigger when I smile. It flares out and looks like a completely different nose. Is there a surgery to fix this? What is it called?

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Depressor Septi Ligament

Releasing of the Depressor Septi Ligament will help prevent the tip from drooping when smiling It is usually performed when patients have an active depressor septi ligament when performing a rhinoplasty procedure.

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Photos needed

Photos would help

From what you describe you may have a short upper lip strongly tethered to your nose as is the case with a tension nose. In addition you may have a very active depressor septa muscle which tends to pull your nasal tip down when animating /smiling and that flares the tip and makes the bridge look more prominent - a septorhinoplasty with weakening of the depressor septa muscle can be down and even central upper lip lengthening through an incision hidden inside the upper lip can lower the central upper lip slightly thus helping the "gummy smile"

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