Removal of belly button? Yes or No? (photos)

My surgery is in 3 days and I am beyond scared. My doctor said that if she removes my belly button she will be able to remove more fat from my stomach. Are there many complications? I had an umbilical hernia repair back in 1988 and I have had multiple surgeries in entering in my bell button. I have never seen my navel much so I am not worried much about losing it only about complications. Should I opt out of this portion of the surgery?

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Removal of belly button?

Thank you for your question and photo.  Depending upon the reason and goals for surgery one must weigh the risks, benefits and tradeoffs of the decisions to perform each step or maneuver.  If the goal of surgery is to address body contouring one could achieve improved contour and may be able to preserve the umbilicus.  On the other hand, it may be that the circulation of the umbilicus may be jeopardized and to avoid a complication the surgeon would like to remove it to make the procedure less risky.  Please discuss further with your surgeon.  The best approach may be the one that is less risky.  Good luck.

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