What's the average price of jaw shave, forehead reduction and rhinoplasty all together? (photos)

What's the average time required to heal also? Are these three risky? I heard lots of bad things about jaw surgery when I googled it but I've seen so trans women have it done without complication. Speaking of, I feel that my face is harsh and masculine. All I want is to look soft and feminine. Attached are pictures of myself with my face scribbled out. I attached another photo of an ideal hairline. Is it realistic?

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Safe and very feminizing

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Forehead reduction and mandible contouring both typically run between 5 and 10 thousand each, and rhinoplasty is probably closer to 5 thousand.  The price can vary significantly by region, complexity or your particular case, and by surgeon experience.  You will likely save some money by doing them all together as that reduces anesthesia costs.  You can call your surgeon and they will give you a rough range of their prices, but they will also probably want to examine you before they give you a firm quote.  These three procedures are very safe, safer than having your tonsils removed.  Mandible contouring will result in significant swelling for at least a few weeks, but this does resolve in everyone eventually.  You already have a very feminine hairline, so getting to that example is very realistic.  Good luck with your journey.

Bryan Rolfes, MD

Minneapolis Otolaryngologist
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