Average cost for implants to replace a complete set of dentures?

I have been wearing a complete upper and lower set of dentures (do not fit well) for about 8 years. I am interested in getting implants to replace these. I am having to use a large amount of Polygrip just to keep them in so I look half way normal. I have a hard time even eating on them without them coming lose or food getting underneath them. I am 51 years old and it's really a big issue not only with the ability to eat, but, the emotional and mental issues it causes are tremendous.

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Snapindentures or ALL ON 4, BY NOBEL BIOCARE

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Yes, you have solution , and you can forget of that roof of the palate, or glues, and you can have this 2 options, which can give you great results, the first option, is SNAPINDENTURES, you will have implants set ,and a great solution , strong, but removable, every night, no roof of the palate, and no more glue.

the other option, is ALL ON4, by nobel biocare, its 4 implants, its a proven protocol, and within just a few days, you will have strong screw retained bar, with beautiful teeth. yo will love your smile, and you will have a non removable solution.

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