Lost my Temporary Filling in Front Tooth?

I am getting a permanent crown on one of top front teeth on Mon or Tues. Last night, lost my temp crown. Now, I look like a hillbilly because it's one of my front teeth. I am uncomfortable talking to anyone. I know I only have a few days and yes, I suppose I could "hide" in my house, but it's still embarrassing even around my family. I don't believe that any of the cement would work because the tooth is already shaved down, but is there something I can use to hide the gap until I go on Mon.?

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Lost Temporary Filling in Front Tooth

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Sounds like your temporary crown (not filling) came off. If you still have the crown, clean it out well and buy some temporary cement in a drug store and use it to reseat the temporary crown carefully. That should work for a few days.

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