4 C-Sections plus Hernia Surgery w/ Mesh. Can I Get a Tummy Tuck?

i have 4 children all are c-section. and had hernia surgery where medical mersh was put on my tummy. can i have tummy tuck to ride of my saggy belly?

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Tummy tuck after hernia repair

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A tummy tuck may be possible after hernia repair was done in the past.  A proper history and perhaps medical records obtained from the hernia specialist would be helpful.

Tummy tuck after herniorraphy and C-section

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Tummy tuck after herniorraphy and C-section are possible and relatively easy to plan with acceptable results.

4 C-Sections plus Hernia Surgery w/ Mesh

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As all the previous expert posters have stated YES! BUT!!! You need expert in person evaluation from boarded surgeons in your area of New York. Best of luck FROM MIAMI Dr. Darryl J. Blinski, 305 598 0091

Yes, but

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It will be a more difficult operation and needs to be approached carefully. Go to an experienced, board certified plastic surgeon, who is affiliated with a good hospital.

Tummy tuck after c section

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There are many ways to repair abdominal hernias with mesh. The mesh is generally incorporated into the body and can be avoided during a tummy tuck operation. The location and placement of the mesh will be important information to provide your board certified plastic surgeon. This can be found in your medical record which you can obtain from the surgeon who performed the hernia repair.

The c section scar is typically removed during the abdominoplasty and does not pose a problem with performing the operation. In fact, removing the c section scar is one of the many benefits of the tummy tuck.

I hope this was helpful and I wish you good luck

Tummy tuck will correct loose skin and fat.

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Of course, you need to be examined, but, in general, I think your saggy belly can be corrected. It sounds like you may not need any further muscle work.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

A tummy tuck can still be done even if you've had previous surgery

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Neither the C-sections nor the mesh are a serious problem for the tummy tuck. Just make sure to use an experienced , board certified plastic surgeon (one who is additionally board certified in General Surgery might also be helpful).

Mark Broudo, MD
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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