Am I A Candidate for Two Jaw Surgery?

Hi my Name is Key. I Have Quite a Long Face,flat ,wide and Upper Jaw Protruding I Guess   I have long wide and flat ( Especially my middle and bottom part of my face )face, which makes me look older and fierce than I really am. Moreover, My bottom part of my face (mouth and chin) is protruding as you can see in the pictures. So I'm curious that am I the candidate for the two-jaw surgery, since I think the distance btw the base of my nose and my upper lips is too much (which makes masculine look). So, what procedure I need in order to correct above problem?

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Determining the need for two jaw surgery

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IT is best for you to see a surgeon with orthognathic experience, they will likely perform a cephalometrogram which can provide objective data regarding the need for two jaw surgery.

Jaw surgery

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I cannot see anything masculine in your facial features. The decision to undergo jaw surgery should not be taken lightly and requires knowledge of dental alignment and side view proportions. These factors or not visible in the single frontal view photo you posted. There is no know to recommend any jaw surgery based solely in this single photo.

Aaron Stone, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

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