Can massages change shape after 5 years of under the muscle breast implants? (Photo)

i have implants under my muscle for 5 years... i think they look unnatural because they are too high. is there any massage technique that could help them look more natural?

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5y post op

At 5 years post op it is unlikely your breast implants will change with massage. See your surgeon for an assessment. 


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Can massages change shape after 5 years of under the muscle breast implants?

After 5 years it is unlikely that massage will change breast implant shape. See your plastic surgeon, a simple revision may be possible.

Massage at 5 years Post Op


I recommend that you meet with your Plastic Surgeon in person so that they can examine you and advise you.

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Massage does not prevent or help capsular contracture.  If you have normal healing, massage will stretch the normal capsule enough to improve mobility in many patients.  But if true capsular contracture develops, massage is typically useless.  

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Massage after breast augmentation

For implants that are still high after this amount of time after surgery, it's doubtful that any massage technique can loosen the capsule. If you have a tight capsule that's best diagnose in person. Usually this will require some type of surgical intervention to either remove the capsule or remove it and replace it with something like pigskin. I would go back to your plastic surgeon for examination. Good luck

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Unnatural and high!

Thanks for your question. It's unlikely that massage will help this late into the process. You should see a plastic surgeon about your concerns, be examined, and have them tell you whether this is a capsule contracture which can only be diagnosed through physical examination and not online. Best wishes always, Dr. Aldo

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