What is the best laser for broken capillaries on the face? Also can laser be used for sun spots on the legs?

I'm interested in laser for broken capillaries on my nose, chin and cheeks. What is the best or most appropriate laser to use for that? Also I have Brown sun spots on my shins. Would laser work to remove them or is freezing better? Thank you

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Blood vessel and brown spot treatment

Thanks for your question. Blood vessels of the face and legs are best treated with a Yag laser 1064 wavelength. Different companies have different names for a Yag laser such as Genltemax and Excel V etc. This wavelength is absorbed well by the target which is the hemoglobin in the capillaries. This heats up the capillaries and seals the vessels shut -eliminating the blemish. Brown spots are treated well with  an Alexandrite laser 755 nm wavelength. The Gentlemax laser has this capability as well.  The 755 wavelength is absorbed by melanin therefore it treats brown spots well. Typically, to get the best results for vessels or brown spots it takes on average 1-3 treatments. Laser treatments work amazingly well for these problems. I wouldn't consider freezing these conditions an option.

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