Belly button discharge three weeks post op. Any suggestions? (photos)

Belly button pain and yellowish discharge three weeks post op tummy tuck. Hello I have done tummy tuck four weeks back at oversees and last week i come home 6 hours flight I have experienced pain especially when I walk in my belly button and and yellowish fluid is coming out, went to local hospital they give me antibiotics and they do dressing yesterday they removed underlying stitch but the fluid and now (after stitch removal) blood still coming out

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Seromas and TT

Hello,  thank you for sharing your questions. Seromas are the most frequent minor complication after TT.  You can still have seroma after week 3.  Try to drain as much as possible from the site that were removed the stitches and always use a garment with enough pressure.   Best of luck.

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Problems after tummy tuck

So issues with the belly button are not uncommon after tummy tuck.  The are can be prone to infection, and it needs to be treated aggressively with oral antibiotics and local wound care.  Is there a way you can contact your plastic surgeon?  The issue is that the sutures that are around the belly button go all up and down your abdomen with most tummy tucks.  The infection can travel further if not treated properly.  I see you are in Kenya, so I don't know what is available to you there in terms of plastic surgeons, but I recommend you continue to keep the area clean and take your antibiotics.  If it fails to improve, seek help sooner rather than later.  If there is a board certified plastic surgeon in your area, I strongly suggest you see him/her.Best of luck.

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