Is there supposed to be laxity in my tummy? (photos)

I had surgery 24 of June and even in the beginning I didn't feel like I was tight enough. Don't get me wrong I am very pleased with the overhang gone and I know that it looks 100 percent better. I'm just not as tight as I thought I would be ex specially when I'm sitting.

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Is there supposed to be laxity in my tummy?v

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Thank you for your question.  Based on your photographs alone it appear that you have a really nice result after your tummy tuck.  At a month after surgery I would anticipate some continued improvement in appearance, but even in your seated pictures you do not appear to have any skin redundancy, so I am not sure how much tighter you can be.  Hope this helps.

Is there supposed to be laxity in my tummy

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Thank you for your question. Your results are excellent from my point of view. There is a limit to your PS how much we can remove. It is expected to have some laxity to avoid pulling up your pubic area.

Is there supposed to be laxity in my tummy?

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You look like you have a very nice result from your tummy tuck. The skin will loosen some especially if you have remaining stretch marks. All patients will have some laxity when sitting otherwise the mons will pull upwards when you stand up. Some of the minor overhang is also swelling which will diminish over time.

Is it tight enough

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 From your photography, it's my opinion the results are excellent. There does have to be room, such that when you stand up you don't pull the skin around your  Mons pubis upward. Therefore, when you shorten your torso distance as in sitting, there has to be a little extra skin. Also, in skin that has been severely stretched before, although you pull it as tight as you can intraoperatively, the skin, having lost some elasticity stretches somewhat. We call this skin creep. All in all, everything looks great to me. congratulations on your surgery.

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