Please tell me if something is wrong with my stomach. I have wrinkles and dents that won't seem to disappear. (photo)

Ive had breast lift and augmentation, slim lipo on my top and bottom of stomach, flanks, outer and inner thigh one month ago, April 7,2016. Please look at my stomach and tell me if the wrinkle like dents are normal. It's starting to worry me. I stopped the garment and think that caused it but I've been massaging it daily for a long time and nothing seems to be helping. Also, one side of my hip looks larger than other, is this normal?

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Carboxitheraphy or ultracavitation for hardness after lipo

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Hello, a good alternative for this contour irregularities is carboxitheraphy which is a treatment done with carbo dioxyde(CO2) , this gas help to break the inflammation and the induration after liposuction and can prevent the development of fibrosis secundary to hardness and swollen of the tissue. Also Ultracavitation is a weekly treatment that might help you to break down all the hardness and inflammation. finally a very simple help is a massage roller from ebay, and massage with Vit E every night.
good luck


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You may be experiencing swelling which would cause an uneven appearance.  Continue the massages and consider switching up your garments.  Follow up with your surgeon so that he can monitor your progress.

Robert E. Zaworski, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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You are doing the right thing by massaging the area routinely and using compression.  Have your surgeon evaluate you for any seromas that may be present.  Eventually, once most of the swelling and edema have resolved, you may benefit from fat grafting to the area.  

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Liposuction skin

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Your result certainly looks uneven at this point. Since you are only 4 weeks post op I cannot tell if this is just uneven swelling that will resolve or uneven fat removal which will not. I would restart compression garment, at least shapewear like Spanx. Allow a full 10-12 weeks from surgery date for swelling to resolve, and then discuss with your surgeon if any problem remains.  Good luck.

Lipo at 4 weeks

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It is a bit early, You like still have a lot of swelling and the skin dose look a bit swollen. It can take several months to soften.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Please tell me if something is wrong with my stomach. I have wrinkles and dents that won't seem to disappear.

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Too aggressive Laser Lipo was done! Now fat grafts and Thermi Smooth 250 RF sessions offer best way to improve!.Fee $5,000. 

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