Waistline increased post CoolSculpting. Is this normal?

I had done coolsculpting on my lower stomach in the last of august. I had severe pain for few days, bruising next couple of week & it took 4 weeks to decrease. However bloating did not decrease. I gaining 1.5 inches around the lower waistline. Is this normal? I had large applicator done with 2 cycles overlapping on the center of the stomach.

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With CoolSculpting we are expecting decrease in the waistline, but it is not necessary. It works on the principle that it freezes the fat cells and they eventually die. It may take up to 3 months for frozen cells to die, therefore I would advise you to wait few more weeks and have a follow up with your provider. Coolsculpting does not prevent weight gain or loss of muscle mass due to the lack of exercise and inadequate diet. 

Summit Emergency Medicine Physician
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Coolsculpting and Increased Size

Coolsculpting is an amazing procedure.  It is not at all typical to feel that your stomach is larger. I would return to your treating physician for examination and compare your photos and weight.  Please keep us posted.  Best, Dr. Green

Michele S. Green, MD
New York Dermatologist
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Getting the Results You Want with Coolsculpting--Add Thermage, Venus Legacy, Exilis Ultra

With each Coolsculpting you should theoretically get 15-20% improvement so for "contouring" and fat reduction you'll need a few treatments overlapped in the surrounding areas. The results will be apparent in 3-4 months. With Coolsculpting, I recommend adding a combination of radiofrequency treatments like Vanquish, Venus Legacy, Exilis Ultra for skin tightening and with Z wave/Cellutone for skin smoothing in order to get the best results. However, for the best results with contouring and fat removal, I recommend VASER HI DEF, with ThermiRF and ultrasound. See an expert for a formal consultation. Rare can people develop paradoxical enlargement, please see your physician for evaluation.  Best, Dr. Emer

Jason Emer, MD
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Coolsculpting is not considered a weight loss procedure

If you gain weight or change your exercise routine, it is possible that your waistline will increase. It is mainly used to improve the appearance of fat in the area treated. To improve results, Zimmer Z wave and the Cooladvantage handpiece should be used. Some docs also use Vanquish and Exilis in combination.

Steven F. Weiner, MD
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Increase in size following Cool Sculpting

I would do a follow with your Medical Provider at the 90 day mark. At that time you'll see your before and afters and have an assessment with the physician or the provider and discuss your outcome. In my practice we don't measure by inches rather do before and after photos. So, no, it's not normal to be "larger" but I would make sure you give it the full 90 days and then evaluate with your practice. Best of Luck. 

Robert Heck, MD, FACS
Columbus Plastic Surgeon
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