Pain in Muscle/Under Left Breast (5 Years After Saline Implants and 3 Weeks After Beginnng Work with a Personal Trainer)?

I am having severe pain behind/under my left breast. It hurts when I breath, cough, bend over, etc. I began working with a certified personal trainer 3 weeks ago. He is aware of my breast surgery so we have been very careful as to what chest and arm exercises we do. I had a breast reduction/saline implant surgery 5 years ago. I thought it would get better but it has gotten increasingly worse. Should I go see my PCP or Plastic Surgeon or wait it out?

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Chest Pain after Augmentation

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Your pain sounds like chest wall pain which may or may not be related to your implants. Musculo skeletal strain may be the most likely cause. I would recommend seeing both your plastic surgeon and your pcp

Pain Years after Breast Augmentation with Coughing and Breathing after Exercise

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   Pain years after breast augmentation with coughing and breathing suggests that the nature of the pain probably originates from the chest wall.  This is also more likely after starting an exercise regimen, and costochondritis would be the most likely cause.  This is usually self-limiting.  NSAIDS may be a reasonable treatment for this, but your plastic surgeon will have the best perspective on this.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Pain in Muscle/Under Left Breast (5 Years After Saline Implants and 3 Weeks After Beginnng Work with a Personal Trainer)

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By your story it is most likely that this is of musculo-skeletal origin. If the implant has a capsular contracture and feels hard, it may the the culprit , but most other symptoms in the region will have causes other than the implants.  

Whomever you see first, I will imagine you will wind up seeing both your surgeon and your PCP.   The PCP is probably more experienced in evaluating breast pain.

All the best. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

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