I want my 425cc bilateral Mentor saline implants out for good, one breast has "bottomed out". Do I need a lift also? (Photo)

In September of 2013, I had my implants placed and loved them. I have since had a baby and breastfed him (currently he's four months and still breastfeeding). I plan on having them deflated and once he is finished I will have the bag removed however, would love to get advice as to if I need a lift or not? Also one breast appears to be "bottomed out". I was a 32/34 A before now a 32/34 D. My skin electricity is pretty good. Please advice how to go about getting them completely removed for good!

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Implant removal

Since you are still breastfeeding it is difficult to determine how your breasts will appear after removing the implants.  By deflating your implants and waiting for a few months, you will be able to tell how much your breast tissue contracts and if you are satisfied with the appearance, or if you would prefer to have a lift.
Just something to keep in mind, if you choose to have a lift and you plan to have more children, your breasts can change from subsequent pregnancies and breastfeeding.

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Breastfeeding and saline implants

Breasts can change a lot with breastfeeding and it is difficult to tell at this point what your breasts might look like when you're finished breastfeeding and/or when your implants are removed. If you are completely sure that you want your implants out eventually, deflating them can be a great tool, but it is a permanent step. You could do that while breastfeeding (it doesn't require an incision, just a needle poke), or when you're finished. It may be worth waiting until you are finished bf, unless you felt too big even before you got pregnant. Give your breasts some time to recover from the implants and from breastfeeding before making a final decision about whether you want any more surgery such as a lift. If you don't need the lift, you could simply have the implant shells removed. Also remember that if you plan to have more babies, the lift could alter your breastfeeding ability to some extent.
Congrats on your baby, and enjoy this time with him!

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Saline implants always deflate first!

The nice Thing about saline implants is that you can deflate them first in the office and see what happens to your breast before you decide on any other intervention. It sounds like his is your plan, which is a good one, if you are 100%sure you are done with those implants. Keep in mind, breast feeding breasts are very different from what your breasts will be like when you stop breastfeeding.  You will lose a significant volume. I would recommend waiting to deflate until you stop breast feeding unless you felt your breasts were too large before you got pregnant. Once you deflate the implant its destroyed. If you proceed with deflation, within a few weeks you will have a great idea what your breasts will look like without implants. That deflated implant really affects the shape and volume very little after 3 weeks. 

I hope thris helps. Please speak with at least one board certified plastic surgeon! 

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