Kenalog (Triamcinolone) for Capsular Contracture?

Hi there, I'm nine weeks post BA op and developed lumps and capsular contracture on my right boobs. When I massage my breast, it wtill moves but it's not as soft as my left breast. My PS suggests that I do Kenolog injection for the cc. Will this help? What else will work? I need to take a seven hours flight in order to reach him because he is not from my hometown. Any advise is greatly appreciated.

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Breast Augment

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The idea of using a steroid makes a lot of sense but getting it into the capsule without damaging the implant would be hard to do, maybe look for an ultrasound treatment in your area

Capsular contracture

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9 weeks is early in the development of a contracture after BA.  I recommend massage of the implant and Vitamin E.  I havent used kenalog in this situation due to difficulty in delivering it to the capsular surface but sounds reasonable.

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