Kenalog Steroid Injection

Can kenalog-10 be injected to reduce moderate jowling? Would this be a less invasive method than liposuction?

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Kenalog and jowels

The short answer is no. Kenalog injections may help reduce scars or keloids but. often fails. You need to see an experienced surgeon for you issue.

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Kenalog Injections are not a replacement for Liposuction

Kenalog is a sterlid and will cause atrophy of the area.  This is not a replacement for liposuction or a surgical procedure such as facelift.  It would be best for you to see a board certified plastic surgeon to discuss all of your options.  


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The answer to this question is no.

Kenalog is not going to be an appropriate means of improving a moderate jowl.  I recommend that you see a facial cosmetic surgery specialist who can assess you and discuss the most appropriate options for improving your lower face.  Options include a lower facelift, facial fillers, chin implant, and lower face liposuction for some.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
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