Dorsal hump still same size as prior to rhinoplasty.

I just had a septoplasty/rhinoplasty to fix a large dorsal hump and soften tip 1 week ago (nose was fractured during surgery) . The cast was removed 2 days ago, and swelling is coming down nicely but my dorsal hump is still very prominent. It is nearly the same size as prior to surgery and feels like solid bone, not soft tissue or swelling. I had a restyline filler in there prior to surgery, surgeon said we didn't need to have filler blasted/removed prior to surgery. Why am I seeing same size dorsal hump?

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Swelling after a rhinoplasty

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Thank you for your question. It's hard to say what you're seeing is but It could be just swelling because it is so early. Give it time and see how it heals. Follow up with your surgeon as scheduled. Good luck.

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Dorsal Hump

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Thank you for your question.

What you are experiencing is not uncommon.  At only 1 week out, your nose is likely significantly swollen, and that will obscure the result until the swelling settles.  It's difficult to be patient, but that's what's necessary after rhinoplasty surgery.  I would continue to follow closely with your doctor and follow their recommendations.  If your swelling gets worse, it's best to contact your surgeon to discuss the issue and see what can be done about it.


Dr. Michael Epstein

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Dorsal Hump 1 weeks out

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Hello and thank you for your question. After a large dorsal hump is removed, quite a bit of firm soft tissue swelling occurs, especially if your cast was just removed. Typically this area is also quite tender. Often times I'll have patients tape this area at night for up to 2 months in order to get the edema or swelling to subside and prevent formation of irregular scar tissue. I'm sure a quick call to your surgeon will alleviate your concerns.

Giancarlo Zuliani, MD
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