Can Keloid Scars Be Blended with IPL Treatment?

I have keloid scars which have been flattened by steroid injections over last 7 years. I have couple of patches of discolored skin on my body. Is this treatment for me?

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Laser treatments for keloid scarring

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Keloid formation comes from exuberant scar tissue growth from prior trauma or acne scar. Pulse dye laser and to less extent IPL can be helpful to fade the pigmentation or redness on top of keloid. Work with a board-certified dermatologist who can perform intralesional steroid and get you a couple prescription-strength creams that will be helpful to reduce the thickness of the scar and to achieve a more even skin tone.

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IPL treatments for keloid scarring

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The color of the keloid scar can be decreased with the use of an IPL device. It is recommended that you continue with the steriod injections during your treatments so that it suppresses the inflamatory response created by the IPL treatments.

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