I Had Keloids and They Removed my Ear Lobes How Much Would It Cost to Repair

I Had Keloids and They Removed my Ear Lobes How Much Would It Cost to Repair

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Earlobe reconstruction: costs.

Earlobe reduction usually cost between $500 and $1500 dollars depending upon the complexity of the correction, the surgeons experience, and city in which the surgery is being performed. #EarlobeReconstruction can be more complex and lengthy and therefore more costly.
Most offices can arrange for payment plans. Banks, credit cards, Care Credit, Proper are just a few of the companies that offer plans. Many are no interest for 12-18 months.
Geographic costs and names of experienced doctors can be found on Real Self or the websites for the American Society of plastic surgeons for the American Society of aesthetic plastic surgery

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Repairing earlobes after keloid removal depends on the actual situation

It would depend on how big of a defect it is in the earlobe. If you whole earlobe is affected it could take a big operation. the pricing would be between $500-$5000 depending on the situation and basically the time factor. 

Philip Young, MD
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Ear Keloids

I think what your asking is that you currently have keloids on your earlobes and you're curious about the cost of removing them...or are you saying that you already had some kind of surgery?  The only things that have really been shown to help the keloids that people get on their earlobes- other than surgical removal- is pressure and radiation.  There are earrings sometimes referred to as 'Brent' earrings that are clip-on type earrings designed to put an even pressure on the earlobe.  Radiation, similar to the type of treatment used to treat some cancer patients, has also been shown to help with the treatment of keloids.  In this case the radiation treatment is started on the same day as the surgery to remove the keloid.  The cost can be anywhere from $2500 to 7500 depending on exactly what is necessary surgically plus the cost of the radiation.

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I Had Keloids and They Removed my Ear Lobes How Much Would It Cost to Repair

Depends upon the degree of the keloids involvement in the ear lobule. Plus if the need of radiation post reconstruction. A range would be $2500 to $6000. 

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
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Earlobe Creation

This is a multiple step operation, requiring elevation of a flap of skin from behind the ear and then a month later, transecting the base and flipping the skin over to create the lobule.  In a person that keloids, there would be a high risk of a keloids reforming in the new lobe.  For this multiple stage procedure, we would charge $1900 for one ear and $2900 for both.  The bottom line, yes it can be done, but it might not be worth it.

Joseph Campanelli, MD
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