Best Keloid Treatment on Large Area from a 3rd Degree Burn? (photo)

I had a 3rd degree burn about 3 years ago on a big area of my arm/elbow. I already had the skin graft done right after, I also had steroid done to flat it down, and use some kind of cream the doctor recommended. Nothing works! I'm an Asian female with pale skin, and the scar color is red/pink and it was raised up. Is there any treatment can help remove the scar or flat them down to make the appearance looks better. Please help and thank you for your answer!

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Treatment of elevated, red scar

Treatment of thickened, elevated red scars typically requires a combination approach.  Various vascular lasers (different lasers deliver energy to different depths), injections with steroids alone and/or in combination with 5-FU, and occlusion are helpful initially  Fractional resurfacing techniques are helpful in later phases of the treatment plan.  Treatment of large scars is more of a marathon than a  sprint but with patience and time significant improvement can usually be achieved.

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Burn scar keloid treatment in Los Angeles

An early treatment protocol with IIT, laser, and pressure will improve the texture and look of this scar. I have treated over a thousand of similar scars and feel that is the most appropriate treatment. Raffy Karamanoukian, Los Angeles

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