Does Having Past Keloid Tendancy Remove Me As Candidate for Laser Resurfacing with Eribum Laser?

Well i have found a clinic in london which is providing laser treatment ER:yag for dark circles caused by hyperpigmentation which is my condition I have keloid scarring on my body but not any on my face. I shave everyday and heal normally when a deep shaving cut which causes bleeding occurs I wish to treat the area around my eye but am afraid that this will cause keloid scarring. But i have heard scarring is rare when having laser refurcaing and keloid around the eyes are even more rare. Help?

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Keloid formation exceedingly rare with eyelid resurfacing

Keloid or hypertrophic scarring occur in places where there is significant muscle movement, e.g. jawlines, chest. There is minimal muscle movement in areas above the masseter muscles (the TMJ area). For laser resurfacing, the key to minimize scarring is to make sure steps are taken to minimize secondary infection and if infection does happen, make sure that it gets treated immediately.

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