How Can I Make These Keloid Scars Less Prominent? (photo)

I got these scars about 2 years ago from cutting myself very deeply. Is there anyway to make them less prominent without having to resort to surgery or expensive medication?

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Treating large keloids on the arms and legs

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Keloids can be improved with IIT, pressure treatment, and laser.  These particular keloids can benefit from combination therapy. 

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Treating keloid or hypertrophic scars

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Great question and yes, there are treatments you can have without surgery or expensive medication. Your scars are quite noticeable because they are raised and pink. Both of these aspects can be improved with treatment.

At a minimum I suggest a series of three injections of a corticosteroid into the scar, with the injections spaced 6 weeks apart. The corticosteroid injection will help to flatten and fade the scars so that they are less noticeable.

The injections can be done as an office procedure with no downtime, and would be the most cost-effective single treatment modality.

Additional treatments that you may wish to consider include silicone sheeting to the scars during the period of injections, and laser treatments. Using multiple different approaches (injections, silicone sheeting, laser treatments) to improve the scars will usually produce better results than using a single treatment modality, but you may find that you are happy with the results achieved by simply having the injections.

Good luck!

Jill Tomlinson, MBBS, FRACS
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How Can I Make These Keloid Scars Less Prominent?

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Thanks for the photo of hypertrophic scars. Injections of Kenalog, laser therapy, pressure massage, or a combination will help over time. 

Kenalog & Lasers for Cutting Scars

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Hello.  Yes, there are a couple good options for you.  The first step we would take is injecting Kenalog, a steroid to help flatten the scars.  This would normally involve several injections over a period of a couple months. 

After we have flattened the scars, we would use a pulsed dye (vascular) laser to get rid of the redness.  Both of these treatments in combination should lead to the area looking much better.

We are located in Los Angeles, have successfully treated scars like yours and offer a free consultation.  You can contact us by clicking through on the link below to our website.

Harold J. Kaplan, MD
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