Several Keloid Scars on Nose from Acne: Would Microdermabrasion Help?

hi,im a fair-skinned asian. the keloids(am i correct?)resulted from huge pimples in the past. i have read that 'wounding' the skin, as in microdermabrasion,produces more collagen(?)which might make the keloid worse(grow bigger). is it true? what are the more affordable options to flatten these keloids? thank you so much!

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Scar on nose

It appears that the scar is more of a hypertrophic scar rather than keloid (hypertrophic keeps in boundaries of original wound and keloid grows beyond the original wound. I do not think microdermabrasion would be very helpful. Vbeam pulsed dye laser is very helpful for scars. Based on the photo I think the best treatment would be injection of the scar with a combo of kenalog and 5- fluorouracil.

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