Correcting Keloid Scars and Indentations After Tummy Tuck?

I had a full TT May 09. I am 6 Months Post-Op and am not happy w/the results. My new Belly Button has keloided, is reddish/purple very unappealing. Went in for a Mommy Makeover and came out not as expected.

My scar is a inch higher than he marked on sides and still painful. The scar rides my belt line and comes out of most of my clothes, underwear, and is hard to conceal due to placement. Also have skin indentations that weren't there prior. He only followed-up w/me once. Doesn't seem to care about aesthetics. 23, needing advice?...

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Scar tissue following surgery

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Scar tissue after any surgery can become thicker than we like because of tightness on the scar, past history of infection along the incision, perhaps the scar was not closed in layers so that the final layer was under greater tension than was ideal thus causing a thicker scar, and the final reason for thick scars may be simply because the patient's history is for thicker scars to form following any type of irritation or injury.. Some treatments are available- best to consult with your plastic surgeon for recommendations.

Good luck.

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