Keloid Scaring from Piercings?

I had my ears pierced professionally and they were perfectly fine. I then tried to pierce my own ear just above my professionally pierced ears and it was extremely painful! My ear was obviously rejecting the piercing but I kept forcing it in, this caused me to grow a keloid scar. I've had it surgically removed and steered away from piercings since then but I am not reconsidering getting my initial piercings re-pierced (just below where my keloid scar used to be), I'm worried of it re-scaring?

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Keloid recurrence after piercing

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There is a finite risk of keloid scarring if you have already had a keloid.  However, this can still be achieved under very controlled situations with a keloid surgeon.

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Keloid ear piercing scars

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You are correct.  Repiercing this area will significantly increase the likelihood of keloid recurrence.  Your technique might not have been sterile or you may have used earrings that weren't 14 karat gold; both of these things would contribute to keloid formation.

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