Liquid Nitrogen Vs. Other Keloid Removal Treatments?

I am African American, and I had Dermatix C, Cortisone shots, and silicone patch for my keloid scar. The keloid was reduced, but always came back. Recently a dermatologist burnt it with liquid nitrogen. A painful experience but my skin is discolored, itchy, and I am under the impression that it's growing back. What is the best keloid treatment today? Was liquid nitrogen the best thing to use on me? I am African American. Thank you in advance for the information you will provide me with.

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Liquid nitrogen and brown skin

I don't personally use a lot of liquid nitrogen on my brown skinned patients for any condition. The melanocytes (pigment cells) are very susceptible to injury by cold. The white scars are usually not going to fade it the cold is enough to burn the skin.

It may be possible to repigment you with ultraviolet light treatments.

Hope this helps!

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