Old Keloid Scar on my Legs from Wounds Acquired As a Child, Can It Still Be Removed?

I have several old, ugly keloid scars from wounds acquired as a child. All it took was a little scrape from falling off a bike, skin lacerations from tripping on the ground while running,badly scratched itchy skin from mosquito bites that end up being an open wound. I hate my legs and have not worn shorts because of this. Is there hope for scar treatment or scar removal for me?

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Treatment of leg keloids

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Most keloid scars do not require surgery. Small keloid scars on the legs benefit from pulsed dye laser and IIT.

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Treatment for scars on legs

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It's impossible to give you an exact answer without seeing your scars.  An important question is whether you actually have a keloid scar or a hypertrophic scar.  Many people believe they have a keloid scar, when what they actually have is a hypertrophic scar.  If the scar were relatively new, cortisone could be injected into it to try and improve it.  You mentioned that your scar is old, and usually, the only treatment that can be done to improve an old keloid or hypertrophic scar is to surgically remove it.  Surgical removal is not always recommended though, as it is possible the scar could worsen.  

Michael I. Echavez, MD
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