Keloid Removal On Chest? (photo)

Hello I've had keloid scarring on my chest area (pecs) for the last 2-3 years. I've had several shots of kenalog and it definitely does seem to improve but I was wondering if there are any alternatives to injections of kenalog (as the dermatologists where I live all charge around 200$) . Is there any surgery that can be performed to remove small keloids?

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Keloids on the chest

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You may consider a combination of Pulsed Dye Scar Laser and IIT to treat these chest keloids. 

Keloid Removal On Chest?

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Kenalog injections are certainly a good treatment option for keloids. Surgical excision of the keloid scar with silicone sheeting and post-operative kenalog injections can also be successful. However, the problem with this scenario is that chest scars tend to heal poorly as a rule and if you formed a keloid previously, there is a chance that scar revision might not help or make the situation worse. I would be very careful before agreeing to surgery for revision of a chest scar.

Stephen Weber MD, FACS

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