Keloid Removal - Should I Try Cryosurgery?

I have a chest keloid. I started silicone patching then cortisone injections. It had no effect. I had surgical excision in 2005 with radiation treatment. After a few months, it came back. I had my 2nd surgery in 2006 - this time, with no radiation. My keloid is back and has gone bigger. Given the history of treatments, should I try cryosurgery?

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No, I wouldn't try cryosurgery

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Keloids are a a difficult problem to improve. Freezing them doesn't have any proven benefit. You seem to have had the best treatment already (surgery and radiation therapy) and the keloid is still present. Anything further would be experimental.

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Orange Plastic Surgeon

Cryosurgery vs. Standard keloid scar management techniques

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Keloids are defined by an uncontrolled proliferation of collagen by the fibroblasts contained within a scar. Standard therapy includes pressure, silicone, injections of 5 FU or TAC, surgery, and radiation. Radiation and cryosurgery should be reserved for cases that have exhausted a regimented course of therapy. In this particular case, I would address the scar and reduce recurrence through a standard protocol I use in my office for keloid injection. I have had an extremely high rate of reduction with minimal recurrence profile for keloids.

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