Keloid Prone & Want to Remove Tattoo. Best Option?

I'm Chinese & am keloid prone. I've had an otoplasty & grew a large bump behind my ear which I later removed. It formed again, but not as large as it was initially & had it removed again. I also have another keloid on my ear cartilage from a piercing. And finally, I have a 3cm vertical keloid on my chest from a piercing as well. I don't want to form any more keloids. Are there any other options?

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Keloids after laser tattoo removal

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I would recommend a laser treatment with a system that uses "photo-acoustic" technology rather than "photo-ablative," such as the Revlite SI.  With the photo-acoustic system, the laser pulse obliterates the ink, but does not heat it up to minimize local tissue damage.  Still, with your propensity to keloid, I would have the laser tattoo removal specialist try a test spot and wait for a period of a few months to see if the tattoo can be removed safely.

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