Keloid Laser Removal

After trying almost everything i have decided i want to use a Laser removal technique for my keloids. I wanted to know if you need insurance to get an apointment and stuff liek thet (post surgery meds, injections) i know insurances don't cover the tratment but i was just curious about the post care part, copay etc. And can i get like an average cost of surgery? i have Keloids on my jaw line. a little on my chest and back.

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Keloid treatment

The treatment of keloids is total or subtotal excision followed by measures to prevent recurrence. Just cutting them out is almost guaranteed to make them come back in a more aggressive form with a higher recurrence rate. Given these caveats it does not matter how you excise the keloid. You can use a metal scalpel, diamond scalpel, laser or radiofrequency device with equivalent results as long as you take measures to prevent recurrence.

Those measures involve some combination of kenalog scar injections, pressure, medicated tape and/or radiation. Jawline keloids usually cannot be completely removed because of inadequate tissue laxity but pressure application against the jaw line is easy. Chest keloids may not be completely removeable and pressure application can be difficult.

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