I have only keloid from moles that have been shaved off. Would it be safe for me to get sculptra?

Please explain to me how Sculptra can cause keloids. I have developed a keloid when I had a mole shaved off on my face. I like Sculptra because it last longer and builds collagen unlike the other fillers. Would it be safe for me to get sculptra or should I ask for a different filler.

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Sculptra can produce sculptomas = subcutaneous lumps

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Sculptra won't cause keloids, which are scars which form in the skin because Sculptra is injected below the skin. The incidence of "sculptomas" or lumps, which can be felt but not generally seen can be up to 10% and can be related to a) concentrated or inadequately reconstituted product; b) location of injections, i.e. around sphincteric muscles (lips, eyes, etc.). Resolution of these "sculptomas" can be a) conservative, massage and time will dissolve many small knots; b) injection with steroids; c) surgical extrusion. Consult your injector for his/her opinion. Good luck.

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