I have keloid on my forehead after an accident, what is the best option to remove it? (photo)

Hi I have a keloid on my forehead that was developed 6-7 years back after an accident. I did not get stitches on the wound and let it heal naturally, maybe that's why keloid developed. Currently I am using Contractubex but it does not to do anything. I was wondering if I can get it removed (though incision maybe) as I would like to get rid of it fast! Steroidal injections are slow. Also as you can see I have a dent on my cheek. I was hoping if anyway I could get it flattened. Thanks in advance

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Treating scar on forehead

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There are a couple of options for your hypertrophic scar. I think steroid +/- 5-FU injections are a very good option, and my backup option would be surgical scar revision. Best to have your dermatologist assess the scar in person, to feel/palpate it, and provide the best options based on your skin type.

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