Keloid Between Breasts Extremely Painful, Growing Rapidly and into Breast Tissue. What is Best Course of Treatment?

I've tried steroid injections but didn't work. Dermatologist suggested excision and radiation. Oncologist suggests exhausting all other options first before considering radiation, given long-term possibility of developing secondary breast cancer from radiation.... How dangerous is the radiation? What other options are there? I understand keloids on the chest area are notoriously difficult to treat. Need your help/suggestions please. Thank you!!!!

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Keloids on the chest and breast

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Keloids on the chest and breast are difficult to treat, but I have found surgery and radiation to be less useful than a combination of pressure, IIT, and laser.  My experience has been quite effective with these modalities to date. 

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Kenalog Injections for Keloids

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Hi Jena.  Before considering anything else, have them injected again.  We have seen many patients for keloid removal and either because another type of steroid was being injected or it was being injected incorrectly, they were not getting results.  Excision will cause horrific scarring - worse than you have now.  

Find another injector to do kenalog injections and while it is being injected make sure it blanches (whitens) while the injections are being provided for best results.

Harold J. Kaplan, MD
Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Chest keloid

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The first line treatment is steroid injection. I don't know how many injections you have had over what time period to comment whether this option has been exhausted. Excision and reclosure in the chest may not provide the relief you are seeking; the chest is a very difficult area in terms of scar healing, particularly in the upper chest area. Radiation therapy has worked for many of my patients; however, for liability reasons, the top hospital in my area has now declined to provide it for keloidal lesions. Keloidal scarring is a very tough issue to treat. Worst case scenario, you may need regular steroid injections just to keep the keloid at bay.

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Keloid on chest

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A keloid on the chest can be problematic. Often the first line of treatment is steroid injections for small keloids. Excision and injection is another option.  Local radiation is sometimes used for recalcitrant lesions.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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