I have a keloid on beard-line that I had excised two times and it came back. What is the best way to treat this scar? (photos)

Both of the surgeries were done without any form of therapy other than topical cream. The original trauma was from a knife puncture wound 1/2 inch deep below my ear. That is where the scar grows most and is thickest. My second surgery I asked for injections and or radiation but the surgeon recommended against it. I have read that most surgeons don't recommend excision only so I think I made a mistake with the 2nd doc. Pics are a month after surgery and then one year six months afterwards

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Keloids and Recurrence

Keloids tend to recur even after surgery.  If they have recurred, my suggestion would be to have it surgically removed again and then injected immediately with steroid and 5-FU a medication that is integrated into the injection.  I have my patients do this for 3 monthly visits after the excision of the keloid in combination with a laser treatment (Excel V) as well as topical silicone gel (Biocorneum).  It is a process, but that is the best way besides post procedural radiation, to prevent recurrence.  Nobody can promise it wont come back, but this is your best option.  We would gladly see you in the office for a consult anytime.   You should seek someone with experience in treating these difficult type of cases. I wish you the best of luck, Dr. Emer.

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