Pain on lymph nodes and swollen after double mastectomy

I was Diagnostic with Breast Cancer 2 years Ago and had double Mastectomy They remove 4 Limp nose from my right Arm, now I constantly have pain in my limp nose sometimes is very strong and swollen, cant Sleep specially when I carry or lifting something heavy is this is normal

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Lymph node pain

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It sounds like you have some damage to the structures in your underarm where the lymph nodes used to be. Sometimes this happens because of scar tissue. Have your doctor send you to a physical therapist in your area to check for lymphedema- this means arm swelling caused by lymph node removal. They may be able to help with pain, reduce swelling, and work with you to make arm movement easier and not as sore. If they do not find lymphedema changes, talk to your doctor about a nerve block to treat possible damage to nerve endings in the area. 

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