Will a Dr. Preform a Breast Lift if I Have a Chronic Cough?

I have had a cough/post nasal drip for the last 3 1/2 years. I've been working with my Dr. for the last year and have had several tests and tried a lot of meds but nothing is working so far we have no answers as to why. I would like to have a breast lift done soon (within the next few months). Is my mystery cough something that will make me ineligible for this procedure?

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Coughing and surgery

It would depend on the particular surgeon and how well the cough is controlled.  The main concern is that coughing will cause post operative bleeding.  Your history of a cough that has been adequately worked up will not stop you from having the surgery.  I have done surgery on patients with your history without problems.

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Chronic Cough

   If the chronic cough is not linked to smoking or other disease process a breast lift may be reasonable.  Find the plastic surgeon with elite  credentials who performs hundreds of breast lifts each year.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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Chronic cough and breast lift

If you have a persistent chronic cough and it has been worked up to be nothing, then it is probably OK to have surgery.

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Chronic Cough and Cosmetic Breast Surgery

There are two concerns with a chronic cough and cosmetic breast surgery. First, a cough may be a sign of underlying pulmonary illness that can increase the risk of anesthesia.  A full medical workup may be necessary to minimize this anesthetic risk.  Secondly, coughing changes the dynamics of blood circulation in tissues throughout the body and can trigger bleeding in sites that have just undergone surgery. Therefore, it would be wise to look for ways to control your cough in the post operative period.

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Breast lift and a cough

This might put you at a slight increased risk for a hematoma because of the valsalva pressure coughing but not enough not to do the surgery especially if you are a great candidate and otherwise healthy.

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Will a Dr. Preform a Breast Lift if I Have a Chronic Cough?


There might be some alterations in the usual procedure--for instance, a surgeon that usually does a lift with sedation might want general anesthesia. As you get close to surgery day, you might ask your surgeon to let you speak with the anesthesiologist well before that day to avoid any surprises that could have been averted.

All the best. 

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