I lost my invisalign week 4 tray, should I wear my old one until my appointment?

I'm on tray 4 on my third week (20th day) of invisalign. I have my appointment tomorrow morning to get my next tray, but should I wear my old tray until then? If not, it be 14 hrs without a tray.

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Not in this particular case

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This probably isn't as big of a problem as you're worried about. Since you're going in tomorrow you don't necessarily have to go back to your last try. Your dentist will probably advance you 1 week early to your next tray and have you wear that tray for 3 weeks instead of the typical two weeks. 14 hours is not enough time to worry about doing anything differently until you get to your appointment. Relax everything's going to be okay. Douglas Jopling,  DDS Dallas Texas area

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