Looking for a doctor in Houston area who is an expert in Sculptra. My current injections lasting only 6 months

I posted a few days ago - I have had a total of 3 vials of sculptra in the last year - i had incredible results after 6 weeks ( fist vial 4/15) the second vial 6 weeks later (6/15) again great results. I was told to return 12/15 for the third and the doctor was shocked to see I had collagen loss. I am 43 - yes i have a stressful life but is there no treatment plan that will help me ? I thought it was a vial a decade ? Houston experts please help . Please see my bio for pics
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Sculptra and Results

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It would be helpful to post before and after photos to see the results.  There are times when illness or weight loss affect the results.  Sculptra is a great product and if you could post the question again with photos to assist you.  Best, Dr. Green

Sculptra results - Houston

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Thank you for your question and for sharing your concerns with us.  I have used Sculptra for a number of years and even conduct trainings for other plastic surgeons and dermatologist on the use of Sculptra.  It is a great product for the right patient.  This product does rely on your ability to form collagen in response to Sculptra and every individual may have different response rates.  The general guide of 1 vial per decade does need to be adjusted for the individual.  Several factors can affect whether someone needs more or less.  For example, a patient who is endeavoring to have pan-facial volume loss correction may need more than a patient who is focused more on asymmetry correction.  In addition, a thin and/or athletic patient may require more vials to achieve their desired look.
As Sculptra is a very nuanced injectable product, your results will be very technique and assessment dependent.  We are based in the Houston area and would be happy to visit with you for a consultation and develop a treatment plan.

Sculptra and Other Fillers for Facial Sculpting

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Sculptra is sometimes needed in larger quantities if you are globally injecting -- ie temples, jawline, chin, cheeks etc.  It may be you havea  lot going on in your life or have a change in diet or exercise.  I suggest a formal consult wit ha filler/facial sculpting expert.  Best, Dr. Emer.

Jason Emer, MD
Los Angeles Dermatologic Surgeon
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Sculptra expert

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I have reviewed your photos in your bio. Firstly, I would like to say that in my practice I typically do two vials with each session; I pace the sessions out about 4-6 weeks and in your case I would have recommended 3 sessions, with the 3 session possibly converted to just a single vial or a final touch with restylane or lyft  to address NLF or to sculpt the cheek bones very precisely.  Sculptra is a great product. It works best when it is used for the purpose of restoring subcutaneous volume back to your face and in order to do that properly, you need an adequate amount and an appropriate spacing of sessions.  You mentioned the "vial per decade" rule, that is a rough guideline that helps us give you a reasonable estimate which is a good place to start.  This is why I am recommending for your age 4-6 vials ( 2 vials per session and 2- 3 sessions) Finally, I do think there is a good result in your future with the right amount of product used. 

Houston area doctors

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Thanks for your question. We are located in Houston, and we do Sculptra. You are also able to navigate to the Sculptra website and find a Sculptra provider in your area.

Looking for a doctor in Houston area who is an expert in Sculptra. My current injections lasting only 6 months

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I would suggest meeting with a board certified plastic surgeon in the Houston area. All should be well qualified in the proper techniques for injecting Sculptra. 

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